About us

       We are a scientific lab at Hubei University of Technology, focusing on Molecular Medicine & Metabolic Engineering (MM&ME). 

      On Molecular Medicine, we combine physical, chemical, biological, mathematic, bioinformatic and medical techniques to describe molecular structures and mechanisms, identify fundamental molecular and genetic errors of disease, and develop molecular tools or drugs.

      On Metabolic Engineering, we aim to optimize genetic and regulatory processes within cells to increase the production of valuable substances. To this end, we combine different techniques, including gene over-expressing and mutagenesis, pathway modeling and modification, and protein/enzyme engineering.

      Our main goal is combining computational and experimental methods to understand the structure, function, and regulation of proteins, aiming to develop drugs, molecular tools, and valuable products. We dedicate to provide answers to the following scientific questions:

I. How interactions between proteins gain the dedicated dynamics and biological functions?

II. How protein networks could be tuned?

III. How different protein networks cross-talk and get nicely coupled?

IV. How could a protein network be tailored to benefit our daily life?


        To answer these basic questions,  the model systems used in our group include the KaiABC circadian oscillator and the arginine metabolism network.

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